Improving people's lives

ROCKFON® products improve people’s lives and are built to last.

ROCKFON ceilings provide acoustic comfort by reducing noise and reverberation while increasing sound insulation. This helps improve the working, learning or healing conditions for occupants and increases the value for the owner.

Fireproof stone wool

Fireproof stone wool is the basis of all ROCKFON stone wool ceilings. Stone wool material does not burn and withstands temperatures of 2150 °F (1177 °C) without melting, thereby providing excellent fire safety and outperforming most fire performance standards. Our customer’s fire safety is paramount to us.

ROCKFON Suspension Systems and Specialty Metal Ceilings – Exceeding Expectations

We rigorously test our fire-rated products to ensure they meet or exceed code requirements. By providing both fire rated and seismic rated designs, you can count on Rockfon specialty metal ceilings and Chicago Metallic® suspensions systems to provide the right solution for your application.

Read more about the fire performance of ROCKFON products.

Indoor climate certifications

ROCKFON stone wool products meet or exceed relevant legal requirements for indoor air quality and health, as shown by the independent certifications awarded to ROCKFON tiles. These certificates demonstrate the compliance of our products with the main requirements for volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, ammonia, carcinogens, particles, odor, biosolubility and fibers.

All North American ROCKFON stone wool acoustic ceiling solutions are GREENGUARD Gold certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. The certification process ensures that a product is suitable for environments such as schools and healthcare facilities as well taking into consideration safety factors that may impact the vulnerable such as children and seniors.  For more information, visit

ROCKFON stone wool products meet the California Department of Health Services Standard Practice for testing of VOC emissions.

Rockfon specialty metal ceilings and Chicago Metallic suspension systems have no reportable VOC’s in the finished product.

No sustenance to harmful micro-organisms

Stone wool is water repellent, and our stone wool ceiling tiles withstand up to 100% relative humidity while maintaining dimensional stability. Stone wool has no nutritional value and therefore it provides no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms. All these features combine to make ROCKFON ceilings a high-quality solution with excellent longevity and lifecycle value.

ROCKFON metal ceiling panels inhibit growth of mold and bacterial through inherent material performance.


ROCKFON solutions can contribute to LEED® credits.


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