Light reflection

ROCKFON stone wool ceilings offer superior light reflection and diffusion

Poor lighting can result in eye strain, fatigue and head aches which will likely lead to decreased productivity, particularly in jobs relying heavily on visual equipment such as computer screens or manufacturing machinery.

Therefore, the light reflection and diffusion of a ceiling should be as high as possible. Most ROCKFON white ceilings reflect between 83-86% of available light. They have a homogenous surface without any visible holes or perforations, and their high diffusivity limits hot spots and glare for increased comfort. Combined, these qualities provide efficient utilisation of both artificial and natural light sources which can save energy.

Rockfon® Sonar™, Rockfon® Alaska™, Rockfon® Tropic™ and Rockfon® Koral™ offer the highest levels of light reflectance.


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