The ROCKFON® product range meets all cleaning requirements.

Stone wool panels

All ROCKFON stone wool products can be vacuum-cleaned with a soft brush attachment.

The following products can be cleaned using a damp cloth with cold or warm water (max. 104 °F) with a slightly alkaline detergent (pH between 7 and 9) without alcohol, ammonia or chlorine:

Cleaning with a sponge or damp cloth may render the surface slightly shinier. ROCKFON recommends cleaning the whole surface evenly for best results.

Detergents and disinfection

Rockfon® Medical Plus™ and Rockfon® Medical Air™ have a durable, highly water-repellent surface that widthstands cleaning with diluted solutions of ammonia, chlorine, quaternary ammonium and hydrogen peroxide. It can also be disinfected twice a year by steam cleaning following a protocol defined by experts and using an adapted surface mop.

For more information on the cleaning properties of ROCKFON products, please refer to the cleaning section under the Performance tab on product pages or download datasheets on the documentation page.

Specialty Metal Ceilings and Suspension Systems

ROCKFON has developed the following set of recommendations for cleaning their specialty metal ceilings and suspension systems:

Type of finish recommendedCleaning Agent /  Method of Application
Painted FinishDilute a mild, non-abrasive, liquid dishwashing detergent in water. Apply with a sponge or wet cloth. Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth. 
Reflective FinishApply household glass cleaner. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. 

  • Never use abrasive cleaning agents as such treatments may scratch, mar, alter, discolor, and/or remove the finish.
  • Before cleaning the finish, perform a trial test on a section of the finish that will be hidden from view once installed. This will insure that the cleaning agent selected is appropriate and will not damage the finish in question.
  • Once an appropriate cleaning solution has been selected, care should be taken to use only that amount which is necessary. Do not soak the ceiling components with the solution.
  • Use a clean soft sponge or cloth when applying the cleaning agent in order to insure that the applicator does not contain any abrasive elements that may damage the finish in question.
  • Any excess cleaning solution should be removed immediately so that the solution does not dry and possibly leave a residue. In the event that a large area needs to be cleaned, it’s advisable to break the area down into smaller, more manageable sections so that adequate time is available to complete each phase of the cleaning cycle.
  • After cleaning the soiled or smudged area, wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth to remove any residual cleaning solution and dry the area. Use a clean damp cloth to remove any residue that cannot be removed with the dry cloth. Repeat the drying process.

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