05 March 2018

Rockfon’s new U.S. facility enhances service, increases efficiencies

Rockfon has been a trusted provider of stone wool ceiling panels for decades, helping building owners, designers and installers create beautiful, comfortable spaces that enrich modern living, support sustainability and provide peace of mind.

Now, we’ve opened our first North American acoustic ceiling panel manufacturing facility in Marshall County, Mississippi. Not only does this mean our entire ceiling systems—including specialty metal ceiling panels and Chicago Metallic® suspension systems made in Baltimore and Chicago—are now produced in the U.S., it means enhanced service and increased efficiency to our North American customers.

“We’re very excited about what Rockfon’s new facility means in terms of expanding our access to high-quality ceiling products,” says Matt Sutherland, owner of Metro Interiors in New York City. “Local production means our customers can benefit from the same quality and performance they’ve come to expect from these products, with the added bonus of even faster and more dependable deliveries.”

Our new facility means we can offer:

  • Reduced lead times. Producing locally makes it faster and easier for our customers and distributors to access our high-quality products.
  • Increased inventory. The new facility adds to our comprehensive inventory program maintained in our strategically located U.S. warehouses.
  • Improved capacity. The new Mississippi location is the fifth Rockfon manufacturing facility in the world. It allows us to expand our global capacity and meet the growing demand for acoustic stone wool ceiling products throughout North America.

“Often we’re supplying a job site with very limited storage, so we can’t order a lot of materials in advance,” explains Sutherland. “Rockfon’s new facility means they have even more capacity and inventory than ever before. Now, it’s easier for us to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements by scheduling just-in-time delivery to the site, which helps control costs and stay on schedule.”

He adds, “We are proud and pleased to offer our customers the latest in ceiling systems from Rockfon. They have an excellent portfolio of ceiling and suspension system products with high quality and high performance, all at economical prices for our customers.”

Growth and innovation

As a global leader in stone wool ceiling solutions, we’re committed to increase our share of the North American market. We’ve made great strides over the past several years, and the new Mississippi facility is one more step along the way.

With our new manufacturing facility, we’ve created more than 90 new jobs. These recent additions join the hundreds of other employees across North America who are part of the ROCKWOOL Group’s 10,500 passionate colleagues working in more than 38 countries.

“We appreciate the strength that Rockfon’s global network brings in innovation, sustainability, stability and industry leadership,” says Michael Gallagher, vice president and acoustical product manager of Westside Building Materials. “Expanding their manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. gives us even more confidence in their technical expertise and long-term outlook.”

Gallagher concludes, “When you’re constructing a building, that long-term outlook is critical. You want quality materials that perform well, look good and last, and you want technical expertise and support throughout the project and beyond. We count on Rockfon for its expertise and excellence in all these areas.”

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