12 February 2018

Datto’s office ceilings deliver dramatic flair

Office design conveys playful style, productive functionality with Rockfon ceiling systems

As a growing startup company providing data protection services, Datto sought an office environment that would communicate its technical expertise, playful culture and sense of community. CPG Architects helped Datto create a space to deliver on this brand personality, to minimize distraction, and to maximize comfort and creativity.

Comfortable and Collaborative

Located in Norwalk, Connecticut, the new 134,000-square-foot facility showcases a colorful, bright palette against a neutral field of gray and white. Rockfon’s bright white, acoustic stone wool ceiling panels contribute to Datto’s aesthetic, and their sound-absorbing performance enhances the office’s productive collaboration.

Installed by Central Conn Acoustics Inc., the ceiling systems are designed to complement each unique room.

  • In the 3,500-square-foot Town Square, a floating ceiling cloud focuses the room’s layout and adds visual interest. It is formed with Rockfon® Koral™ 2-by-4-foot panels set in a staggered, running bond pattern and neatly enclosed with 4-inch, curved Rockfon® Infinity™ Perimeter Trim. This combination provides high sound absorption to provide acoustic comfort, especially when conversations become lively in the open lounge, breakout spaces and dining area.
  • In the team building rooms, located in the corners of the building, Rockfon Alaska® dB combines high sound insulation with high sound absorption to support group discussions.
  • In the boardroom, work areas and corridors, Rockfon Tropic® 2-by 2-foot panels present a professional appearance without distracting from the tasks at hand. Their smooth, white surface reflects up to 86% of light, efficiently and effectively brightening up the office.
  • Throughout all these rooms, Chicago Metallic® Tempra™ 9/16-inch ceiling suspension system accommodates the acoustic stone wool panels and audio-visual, HVAC, security and lighting fixtures. The ceiling panels provide easy access to the plenum for future updates.

Fun and Future-Focused

Further illustrating Datto’s playful creativity, its office space also includes:

  • A 60-foot, 50,000-piece, curved LEGO® wall for posting individual artwork
  • A cozy living room with seven sleeping pods to support the 24/7 customer service department
  • Gaming areas and a multi-flavored slushy machine
  • A four-story interconnecting stairwell rising from a pool of shiny ball bearings

Datto’s new headquarters not only achieved the intended result in Connecticut, but also carried the branded interior design of its prototype into its offices in Massachusetts, New York and now, around the world as a subsidiary of Autotask Corporation.

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