04 December 2017

WDG Architecture designs its offices with Rockfon ceilings

Serving as the tenant and the project architect, WDG Architecture, selected Rockfon acoustic stone wool ceiling systems for its own office design.

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As one of the oldest and most prolific U.S. architectural firms, WDG Architecture’s mission is to create buildings that reflect each client’s unique identity and aspirations. According to the firm, ''By balancing the art and science of architecture, challenges like market economics and site constraints become a chance to pioneer design solutions that can create truly inspiring spaces.''

Perhaps nowhere is this more important than in its own offices.

Prime Location, Positive Reputation

Since 1938, WDG has helped shape the growth of our nation’s capital and the vibrant suburban centers beyond. WDG's portfolio in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area consists of more than 500 buildings.

WDG’s D.C. location is on the third floor of The Blake Building’s 12-story, 333,626-square-foot office, just three blocks from the White House. Fitting its prestigious address and reputation, WDG turned to Rockfon to provide the appropriate appearance and performance expected by both its staff and its clients.

Productive, Interactive, Adaptable

WDG’s offices are designed as productive, interactive environments that promote creativity and collaboration. The firm notes that the types of workspaces in demand are diverse and range from high concentration enclosed offices to teaming environments and adaptable work areas.

    Enhancing the varied needs of these workspaces, Form Construction Services installed approximately 7,400 square feet of Rockfon ceiling systems in WDG’s D.C. offices.

    • Rockfon Alaska® – These elegant, smooth, white, 2-by-2 panels with concealed edge design were installed in Chicago Metallic™ 1200 15/16-inch suspension system. They offer high sound absorption (NRC 0.90), high fire performance and high light reflectance (LR 0.86).
    • Rockfon Artic® – A high-value economical choice, these smooth, white, 2-by-2 panels with square tegular narrow edge design were installed in Chicago Metallic™ Tempra™ 9/16-inch suspension system.

    Attractive, Cost Effective, Sustainable

    In the words of WDG:

    ''Our teams maintain the sharp focus necessary throughout the design of corporate office workplaces, enabling them to empower their most important business asset – the worker.

    High-quality workplace design requires a balance between company image, fiscal responsibility and efficient functionality.

    As designers, our focus is to clearly understand the forces that impact business, such as an increasingly diverse workforce, changing economic climates and technologies, and how to create a working environment that blends these elements in such a way as to become an effective business tool.

    It is imperative this tool is flexible, attractive and cost effective. It should support the new multi-generational workforce, while being affordable and sustainable technically and environmentally.''

    To learn more about Rockfon suspended ceiling systems, acoustic stone wool ceiling panels and metal ceiling panels, please follow us on LinkedIn. If you would like personalized assistance with product selection, please call us at 800-323-7164, email or click here to find a representative in your area.

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