02 November 2017

Sustainable Acoustics

It is important to build sustainable cities that enhance urban living, while offsetting the disruptive noises associated with city living.

While not all sounds are unpleasant to the ear, there has been significant research demonstrating the negative impact that noise pollution has on our psychological and physiological wellbeing.

Noise pollution should not to be taken lightly. Exposure to noise can influence your sleep, it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and it can impede your motor skills and intellectual function.

With increasing population and urbanization, it is important to build sustainable cities that enhance urban living while offsetting the disruptive noises associated with city living and higher occupant density.

Measurement of noise pollution

In an effort to stop noise pollution, the World Health Organization (WHO) has commented on the noise levels that people are exposed to and what levels would be more appropriate.

WHO recommended regulating noise at 40-dB at night and 65-dB during the day. In Europe and the U.S., some local municipalities and cities are following suit, placing restrictions on the noise levels for late night events.

However, noise pollution is not only something that we only encounter outside; it is also inside restaurants, schools, the office and the home.

Healthy design and a sustainable balance

Given that we spend the vast majority of our time indoors, it is important to regulate room acoustics, too.

Creating an optimized acoustic atmosphere that is both dynamic and invites conversation, while respecting privacy and the need for concentration, is just as much a part of sustainable living as reducing our carbon footprint.

Solutions for noise pollution inside and out

Stone wool, the core material used in Rockfon acoustic ceiling panels is, by its nature, a highly sound-absorbent material. It allows you to achieve high levels of acoustical comfort that support healthy and sustainable living.

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