02 October 2017

Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board now available

Minimize sound transfer between rooms

Improving sound isolation and privacy between rooms, Rockfon introduces its new Plenum Barrier Board. Combining these plenum barriers with the proven performance of Rockfon ceiling systems, high sound isolation – tested up to STC 52 – can be achieved between adjacent rooms without needing to build bulkheads above the ceiling or extend the walls to full height.

Rockfon® Plenum Barrier Board helps modern buildings comply with more stringent sound absorption and sound isolation requirements in acoustic standards. The plenum barriers contribute significantly to sound isolation, which allows the ceiling to be highly sound absorptive – up to NRC 0.95.

A smart choice for either new construction or post-occupancy remediation, Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board is perfectly suited for

  • Corporate settings between private offices and meeting rooms
  • Schools and universities between classrooms
  • Health care facilities between patient, exam and treatment rooms

Rockfon Plenum Barrier Board’s foil-faced, stone wool barrier installs quickly above interior partitions. It is placed vertically in the plenum above the ceiling along interior walls that stop at ceiling height. The lightweight material is easy to cut and lift into position. It conforms around pipes and ducts, and expands and contracts with deflection.

In addition to its acoustic qualities, stone wool resists humidity, fire and water. It has no nutritional value and therefore, it provides no sustenance to harmful microorganisms or mold. These attributes and the advantages offered by Rockfon complete ceiling systems contribute to safe, healthy, sustainable, comfortable and beautiful buildings.

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