25 September 2017

Are Rockfon products sustainable?

A holistic approach to healthy, sustainable, functional, beautiful buildings

Author: Christian Kofod, Rockfon Sustainability Manager for North America

The Living Product Expo, hosted by the International Living Future Institute and held earlier this month in Pittsburgh, brought together amazing people with an important agenda: To ensure that our buildings and building products become even more healthy.

Healthy products are an important part of what makes a building sustainable, but must never standalone. The true sustainability profile of a building is not a single issue or attribute. Rather it is the sum of these and more importantly, how these aspects affect the people – from creating and installing the building materials, to working inside the finished structure.

Throughout the Expo, the audience was reminded to take a holistic approach. For what does it matter if a manufacturer makes the most healthy and sustainable product, if it doesn’t enhance the buildings where we live, learn, heal and work?

Yes, we should have healthy, sustainable products. We need products that function dependably and safely. We want products that look good and last a long time. And, we want it all at a good price and quick timeline. This isn’t new.

Our acoustic ceiling panels are not made simply to cover ducts and pipes; they are made to support a room’s aesthetics and usability. When a room’s purpose means being able to quietly concentrate or to understand the people speaking within the room, the right ceiling panel can make a big difference. We call this Optimized Acoustics.

Optimized acoustics result in classrooms where the children can hear their teachers, hospital rooms where patients can rest, and restaurants where we can actually enjoy our meal and converse without having to shout to each other. No home, school, office, hospital or restaurant can claim true sustainability if we can’t hear, work, rest or learn.

We are constantly striving to combine as many advantages as possible in our products, including even more healthy and sustainable solutions. We continue to assist our customers in achieving their sustainability ambitions and pushing for ever-greater improvements.

This goes beyond delivering optimized acoustics, high light reflection, recycled content, LEED letters, EPDs and transparency statements. It also means creating ceilings that don’t sag or require much maintenance, maintain a desirable indoor environment, and are durable and adaptable to future renovations. Without this holistic approach, we will never be able to claim that our products are truly sustainably.

If you have questions about how Rockfon ceiling systems can contribute to your project’s sustainable goals, please call us at 800-323-7164, email or click here to find a representative in your area.






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