14 August 2017

New catalog features stone wool ceilings

Our new catalog of stone wool ceiling products for North America highlights detailed product descriptions, design inspirations, real-world applications and performance qualifications. Optimized acoustics are emphasized, along with sustainable attributes.

Rockfon’s newly published catalog provides an up-to-date guide to our complete portfolio of stone wool ceiling product offering in North America. Please click here for the 110-page PDF.

Within the catalog are detailed product descriptions for ceiling panels in white or a choice of colors, ceiling applications for special areas and non-suspended ceiling systems, plus page after page of real-world, inspirational project examples.

The content is clearly organized with easy reference sections to:

  • Inspiration – textures, special surfaces, colors, edges, baffles and islands, dimensions and layouts
  • Applications – office, education, commercial, healthcare, leisure and sport, industry
  • Performance – acoustics, sustainability, fire, indoor environment, cleaning, hygiene, humidity resistance, impact resistance

Each product description provides a brief summary of:

  • Features and benefits
  • Ideal applications
  • LEED® v4 highlights
  • Performance attributes
  • Edge designs
  • Sizes and assortments
  • Coordinating suspension systems
  • Budget and warranty information

Notable acoustic stone wool ceiling product expansions this year also include:

  • Rockfon Alaska® with direct mount, square lay in, square tegular narrow, angled tegular edges in larger panel sizes
  • Rockfon Sonar® direct mount, square tegular narrow, angled tegular, semi-concealed and concealed-x edges in larger dimensions
  • Rockfon® Multiflex™ Fibral Baffles Black installed vertically using a three-sided frame, these provide high sound absorption for acoustic comfort

For additional support in selecting Rockfon stone wool ceiling products, please call 800-323-7164 or email Follow Rockfon on LinkedIn to share your comments and to stay on top of the latest product information, industry trends and company news.






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