19 June 2017

Rockfon supports design-driven healthy buildings

Architects, interior designers and building owners increasingly are aware of the connection between the spaces they create and the health of those who work, learn, heal, play and live in them. Product manufacturers play an influential role in helping them make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Of owners who measure employee satisfaction and engagement, 69 percent reported improvement in both attributes due to their healthier building investments.

This percentage and other data is summarized in “The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings 2016: Tactical Intelligence to Transform Building Design and Construction SmartMarket Report” by Dodge Data & Analytics as gathered from 975 survey respondents.

Making an Impact

The report’s findings show that buildings’ health impacts are considered to be influential in design and construction decisions by

  • 83% of interior designers
  • 74% of architects
  • 67% of building owners
  • 51% of contractors

Other top-ranking factors influencing all respondents’ decisions include:

  1. Design and construction cost savings
  2. Operating cost savings
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Building energy performance

Toward a Healthier Future

To make these decisions, product manufacturers are the #1 source for architects, interior designers and contractors. As a trusted partner, Rockfon provides detailed, supporting information about how our manufacturing practices and products harness the natural power of stone, contributing to healthier buildings and a sustainable future.

Among the healthier building features the report predicts will be used more in the next five years, Rockfon ceiling systems contribute to:

  • Enhanced acoustical comfort with sound-absorbing stone wool ceiling panels
  • Enhanced air quality with GREENGUARD Gold certified, low-VOC products
  • Better lighting/daylighting exposure with light-reflecting ceiling panels
  • Products made with natural stone wool and recycled materials

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