23 May 2017

Architects rely on manufacturers throughout their specification journey

According to AIA survey respondents, 85% say manufacturers’ websites keep design professionals informed of product trends. Other top sources include continuing education and manufacturers’ representatives.

Author: Chris Marshall, Rockfon Vice President - Marketing and Business Development, North America

“Specification as a strategic exercise is making a comeback,” begins the recently published The Architect’s Journey to Specification by the American Institute of Architects (AIA ). “How buildings contribute to a better environment, human health, resilient communities, and better life experiences is the focal point of the architect’s mission in the construction ecosystem. Nowhere is that mission better expressed than in the choices they make when selecting products that help a building make a difference.”

Architects’ Top Source for Product Trends is Manufacturers

The report assesses the cultural, technical and informational influences in the choices made by U.S. building design professionals. Its findings confirm the top sources that help architects across all demographics stay informed of product trends are building product manufacturers’ websites and representatives, coupled with continuing education courses.

Rockfon continuously updates its website and expands the focused online content at Our representatives are considered industry experts in providing complete ceiling solutions and collaborating with other building team members. In addition to our in-house training and ongoing professional development, our representatives regularly share their knowledge through AIA-approved continuing education courses and project-specific consultation.

Architects’ Personas Influence Specifications

The majority of our representatives’ time is invested in supporting the design and building professionals specification needs. While we realize every project, firm and person has unique requirements and preferences, the report categorizes three architect personas:

  • Conservatives
  • Dynamists
  • Risk-Takers

During the next several posts, we will describe each persona, the approach each brings to the specification process, how we currently address these needs and preferences, and steps we plan for improvement.

Regardless of where you identify among these personas, we want to ensure you turn to us as your trusted partner at any step along the journey to specification. Please call us at 800-323-7164, email or click here to find a representative in your area.

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“The Architect Specification Journey: Understanding the Role of Building Product Manufacturers Today & Tomorrow,” published Dec. 2016, conducted by B2B International, in conjunction with the AIA. To inquire about purchasing the report, please contact AIA by calling 844.432.1242 or emailing.






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