14 February 2017

Optimized Acoustics technical resources available from ROCKFON

ROCKFON has expanded its Optimized Acoustics technical resources with a new publication and a more detailed online experience addressing sound blocking in managing noise and privacy between interior rooms

Visitors to now can use the online tools to assess the level of noise in adjacent rooms and the level of sensitivity to noise and then select good, better and best solutions for achieving sound blocking levels of Sound Transmission Class (STC) 40, 45 and 50.

Most acoustics standards, guidelines and building rating systems require blocking levels of STC 45 or higher. A sound blocking level of STC 45 means that a listener in a quiet room would hear raised speech in adjacent rooms, but would not be able to understand the conversation.

Helping determine which building materials and installation methods will give you the best results, compares the effectiveness of full-height walls, plenum barriers and ceilings alone. Research conducted by ROCKFON and NGC Testing Services shows that if full-height walls are unavailable or impractical, a lightweight plenum barrier positioned vertically above the wall can provide an STC 40, 45 or 50 level of blocking when combined with a sound-absorbent stone wool ceiling system. This can decrease the cost of the ceiling, allow for greater layout flexibility in the future and prevent the need to control noise leaks through the ceiling system.

Presenting this technical information in a publication format, ROCKFON offers “Optimized Acoustics™: Your guide to sound blocking design solutions” for download. The guide also shares examples of assessing the most common interior spaces.

Beyond the new content on sound blocking, returning visitors to also will notice a streamlined, more efficient, user-friendly flow, plus improved auditory demonstrations and interface. Information will continue to be added to help you achieve the best sound experience at the best price by using ceiling systems to optimize sound absorption and, where needed, using walls or plenum barriers to effectively block sound between rooms.

Please visit to download a copy of “Optimized Acoustics: Your guide to sound blocking design solutions.”

For product information specific to your project needs, please call 800-323-7164, email or click here to find a representative in your area.

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