16 January 2017

Optimizing Acoustics in Offices

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Every day, people complain about the acoustic environments in the office buildings where they work. The old way of approaching office acoustics no longer works, and change is needed.

Gary Madaras, PhD, Assoc. AIA, acoustics specialist at ROCKFON, offers his expertise on this topic in Construction Canada’s December cover story, “Optimizing Acoustics in Office Buildings.” Please click here to download a PDF copy for your files.

This seven-page, educational article highlights the roles of walls and ceilings in optimal acoustic design, and how to utilize their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. Optimizing the acoustics in today’s larger, more open, commercial office buildings and complying with stringent standards and guidelines, begins with effective noise absorption.

Studies show that 90% of an organization's operating expenses are staff-related and that 62% of the time they need to do quiet work. That means that good or bad acoustics affect 90% of an organization's resources 62% of the time. It is an issue that impacts comfort, productivity and the bottom line.

To learn more about how ROCKFON products may contribute to achieving these benefits, please visit In addition, this article, and several other informative feature articles, are located under the Tools & Documentation tab at the top of this web page or by clicking here.

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