22 April 2015

International Noise Awareness Day celebrates 20th anniversary

April 29, 2015 celebrates the 20th anniversary of International Noise Awareness Day, reminding and encouraging people to do something about bothersome noise where they work, live and play.

ROCKFON’s high-performance, sound-absorbing ceiling systems made of stone wool are an effective way to decrease interior noise levels in offices, schools, restaurants and health care facilities.

Amongst the global activities of International Noise Awareness Day, participants observe one minute of quiet, regardless of time zone, from 2:15 to 2:16 p.m. The annual event was launched by the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people with hearing loss since 1910.

According to the CHC:

  • There are an estimated 38 million people in the United States with impaired hearing and one in four workers exposed to high levels of noise in the workplace will develop a hearing loss.
  • Standards set by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicate that continued exposure to noise over 85 dBA will eventually harm hearing.
  • The Acoustical Society of America reports that in U.S. classrooms, up to 25 percent of the information can be missed because of excessive noise and reverberation.

Gary Madaras, Ph.D., ROCKFON’s acoustics specialist in North America, encourages others to appreciate the effects that everyday noise can have on their health and behavior. He explains, “As noise levels around us increase, our heart and respiration rates increase, our blood pressure rises and our muscles tense. These changes to our physiology can worsen our behaviors and social interaction with others. Over the long-term they negatively affect our overall well-being.”

Nancy Nadler, assistant executive director at the CHC adds, “It is time that we take responsibility to quiet our surroundings and create a healthful environment for ourselves and our children.”

Please click the link to learn more about the importance of acoustics, and visit the ROCKFON’s Products Section for details on our acoustic stone wool products and acoustically enhanced metal ceiling products.

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