Tegular grid ceilings

Tegular grid ceilings use light and shadow to create a distinctive appearance.

Combine the shape of the ceiling tile edges with the width and color of the suspension system to create a unique ceiling that contributes to the overall architectural expression of the space. Tegular ceiling tiles have an SL edge and are available in four versions.

SL,SLT,SLN,SLTN (tegular)    
Tegular edge tiles hang on a visible and recessed grid system, which creates a shadow between the tiles.

Tiles with a tegular edge are square (SL, SLN) or angled (SLT, SLTN) and can be mounted in a grid system with either 9/16" (SLN, SLTN) or 15/16"  (SL, SLT) profiles. The grid system is less dominant with the narrower 9/16" profile.

Ceiling tiles with tegular edge are demountable. 

Square Tegular Narrow


Square Tegular 


Angled Tegular Narrow 


Angled Tegular 


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