Concealed grid ceilings

A concealed grid ceiling system can be suspended, directly fastened, or glued to the soffit

With no visible grid, they provide a concealed appearance and can integrate service installations such as lighting, ventilation and smoke detectors.

The following edge types can be used to create a concealed grid ceiling.

DMT (Direct Mount)
When you need to bond tiles directly to the structural soffit or an existing ceiling surface.
CDC (Concealed-C)
When you want to mount the tiles on a vertical or oblique surface. Tiles with CDC edges cannot be demounted.
SLP (Shiplap)
Use SLP when you want an invisible grid but need to retain access to the ceiling void. For easy installation and removal, SLP tiles have CDC edges on the two opposite sides and SLP edges on the adjacent sides. They are fully demountable.
CDG (Concealed-G)     
When you do not need to demount the ceiling or you need a low ceiling construction height. The CDG edge is installed directly on the soffit with hooks on wood strapping.  
SCD (Semi-Concealed)     
With SCD edge, the ceiling appears to float under the grid profiles, thanks to the profiled edge and deeply recessed grid profiles. Tiles with a SCD edge are demountable.  
CDX (Concealed-X)      
CDX ceiling tiles can be suspended or fixed directly to the soffit. They can be installed in framed islands or as a full wall-to-wall ceiling. The bevel between the tiles is smaller than the SLP edge for a more seamless appearance. All X edge tiles are demountable.   


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